Performing Software for Communication via Different Channels

Let your customers choose the channel by which you communicate with them, whether this be by smartphone, tablet, web portal, fax, email, or letter. Define which documents should go into which communications pieces. And send your business correspondence in just a few clicks. Turn transactional documents into revenue generators by adding personalized marketing messages. Prepare your statements, contracts and reminders, then log in to a cloud portal and choose when and how to contact your customers. Ensure that your company speaks with one voice through a library of templates and optimize every opportunity for a customer interaction.

OMS-500 Powerful Multichannel Output Management Software

Web-based solution for multichannel management of customer communications

OMS-500 by Neopost is the new user-friendly and flexible software developed by Neopost Document Solutions. This intuitive, web-based solution provides...

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Neotouch, the Hybrid Mail Solution
Neotouch, the Hybrid Mail Solution

A web-based solution to handle the preparation and delivery of your business communications in just a few clicks (Available in France, UK & US)

Mailing is Dull but We Love It

Do you find stuffing letters into envelopes tedious and would you rather spend your time on...

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GMC Inspire Software
GMC Software - GMC Inspire

The market leading solution for creating, managing and delivering unmatched quality customer communications

The stakes related to personalised communication are high for companies of all sizes and in all sectors, as they confront the challenges of changing...

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