Master data management software: managing your basic business data across multiple systems and processes

Data is power. But this message has been rammed home to the extent that businesses are practically drowning in data these days. Amassing data without having a reliable and consistent way of sharing it across your organization is as good as useless. Step forward master data management software!

Software packages that can manage a company’s master data are not new, but they are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Master data management software is a subset of the wider data management software category. Above all, it’s concerned with ensuring that a company and data users within that company can access data that is accurate and consistent across the board. In other words, it’ all about ensuring the ‘unique’ character of the data being used.

Neopost is a company with considerable experience in this field. It has developed a solution specifically tailored towards managing firms’ master data. The ultimate objective, as ever, is to create a single customer view.

Master data management software

Master data management software and the holy grail of the single customer view

Neopost’s master data management software package can create the much-coveted single customer view for your business. With this solution, generate a unique representation of all the data your firm possesses on a given client. This is particularly useful if your business interacts with customers on a multi-channel basis. Naturally, you can remove ‘dirty’ data, enrich your records and keep them updated at all times thanks to this package.

Neopost has a wide range of data management and mail processing products on offer, the fruit of years of experience in the field of postal and digital communications and parcel delivery services.

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