Easy to use, flexible, reporting for your postage meter (UK & USA only)

Available in the UK & the US -

With NeoStats, you can recoup processing costs by charging back postage expenses to specific accounts/departments and identify potential cost savings by analysing postage spend by account/department/postage class and/or operator.

You will get reports of:

  • What has been sent
  • Who has sent it
  • Who’s paying for postage
  • How much money is being spent by each department

The new NeoStats lets you monitor

  • Flexible reporting at your fingertips
  • Monitoring, tracking and managing postage expenses has never been easier
  • Save time and eliminate errors
  • Create spreadsheets and colourful graphs in minutes
  • Track mail expenses and recoup costs through chargeback

Save time and money

  • Generate reports in minutes
  • Easily create eye catching graphs and spreadsheets
  • Analyse use of mail classes and postage trends to optimize potential savings
  • Easily view, export and share reports based on departments, mail classes and operators

Increase your postal efficiency

  • Eliminate errors associated with manual postage reconciliation 
  • Track expenses to specific accounts/departments at a glance
  • Recoup processing costs from the relevant cost centers


Postage Meter Compatibility

NeoStats is available for our range of IS, IM and IN postage machines

Internet Browsers

Internet Explorer 10 or +

Chrome or Mozilla

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