Designed for Non-Standard Mail Streams

If your business is in mail delivery, consolidation, international re-mailing, or if you simply want to maximize your postal discounts while measuring and monitoring departmental and customers accounts, then the MSA-9600 is the perfect tool for you.

  • Sorting by mail weight, destination or both
  • Designed to meet the needs of postal organizations, international re-mailers, mail consolidators, universities, financial institutions and more 
  • Non-stop processing of multi-client batches

Flexible Mail Processing

Short changeover times between batches

When timelines are short, net productivity is key. When the number of batches to process is high, changeover times need to be minimized.

The unique user interface of the MSA- 9600 ensures that changeovers take only a few seconds. Simply select a new customer or postal product via the full-colour touch screen or barcode scanner, and the system is ready for the next batch with minimal downtime. 

Features and benefits for mail business

MSA-9600 has been developed in cooperation with a wide variety of our customers. Its flexible design meets the need of many different kinds of businesses: Postal organizations, international re-mailers, mail consolidators, universities, medical institutes, local authorities, financial institutes...

Non stop processing of multiclient batches

The unique design of MSA-9600, allows you to select new customers and postal products without stopping the system. Just make the selection via the touch screen or via a barcode scanner and continue without losing time.  



• Up to 10,800 envelopes per hour


• Mail volume: from 15,000 to 30,000 per day
• Envelopes: C5, C5/6, C4
• High speed accounting and weighing
• Sorting of incoming mail by department
• Processing of international mail