Innovative Counting

  • An ingenious way to count the number of (mixed weight) mail pieces in a postal tray 
  • No need to extract the mail from the tray
  • An automated counting solution for controlling the output and receipt of mail pieces

Revenue Protection by Accurate Envelope Counting

Control Optimization by Scanner Technology

An innovative way to count the number of (mixed weight) mail pieces in a postal tray without extraction of the mail from the tray. Control the output of your mail room, or the receipt of mail pieces.

Advantage of a topological analysis laser

Ease of use (no requirement to set parameters for the typology of the folds to be counted). Insensitive to the colours of the objects to be measured. No deterioration as a result of extraneous luminosity (e.g. sun, shade, artificial light, fluorescent tubes,...). Counts reflective materials such as shrink-wrap (vs. camera based systems which cannot measure reflective surfaces). Safe (UL, CE) and approved by a major postal operator.

Performance & accuracy

The EC-500 meets required accuracy thresholds without the need to remove envelopes from trays or to control ambient lighting. Industry standard readers reading the barcode on each tray combine with a scale determine tray weight. The tray is conveyed forward and back on a short belt under a laser “eye” in order to arrive at a correct count of envelopes. Also works with bundles or incomplete trays. Envelopes should be of same height in tray. Mixed mail: variation in thickness of envelopes can apply up to a factor of 1:6.



Count up to 60 containers per hour


• Precision: <0.5% on average (+/- item count)
• LCD touch screen
• Size: 156 x 140 x 80 cm
• Weight: 150 kg
• Voltage: 110 to 240 volts at 50 to 60Hz
• Power Consumption: 200 W max