Ideal systems for postal operators

Reduce operational costs and retain control of your mail sorting processes. Count the number of mixed weight mail pieces in a postal tray without extraction of the mail from the tray while controlling the output of your mail room, or the receipt of mail pieces. And sort up to 10,800 envelopes per hour or 30,000 per day. Maximize postal discounts while monitoring departmental and customer accounts. Ensure productivity when timelines are short. And keep changeover times to a minimum, whether you are managing mail for a postal organization, international re-mailer, mail consolidator, university, medical institute, local authority or financial institution.

EC-500 Mail Sorter
EC-500 Mail Sorter

Innovative Counting

An ingenious way to count the number of (mixed weight) mail pieces in a postal tray No need to extract the mail from the tray An automated counting solution...
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MSA-9600 Mail Sorter
MSA-9600 for Easy Processing of High Volume Mail

Designed for Non-Standard Mail Streams

If your business is in mail delivery, consolidation, international re-mailing, or if you simply want to maximize your postal discounts while measuring and...

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MS-9000 mail sorter
MS-9000 Makes Mail Sorting Easy

Automated Mail Sorter for Faster Delivery

The MS-9000's modular design ensures that your business needs are met today and in the future. Simply add one of the available modules when it is required...

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MRA-1500 mail sorter
MRA-1500 OCR Aided Manual Sorting Station

The Mail Sorter Designed for Sequencing of Non-Machinable Mail Items

No need for operator training, prior sorting experience, or address or delivery route knowledge.

Selection of a sort plan and a personal profile...
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