A Faster Way to Open Letters

Speed up your letter opening by automatically opening up to 2,400 letters per hour, Process your incoming payments faster, in order to boost your cash flow. And ensure that none of your important or valuable documents are lost during extraction. Handle envelopes of different thicknesses without any pre-sorting, while opening a wide range of envelope sizes. Simply load your envelopes and let the machine automatically feed and open the envelopes on one, two or three sides as one envelope passes through the machine at a time. Protect contents from being cut or damaged.  And give your staff more time to get on with more productive work.

Low Volume Letter Openers

IM-16 letter opener
IM-16 Electric Letter Opener

Efficient Mail Opening

The IM-16 electric letter opener is designed to keep the contents of your mail safe while it opens every envelope swiftly. Its compact size means you can...

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IM-19 letter opener
IM-19 Letter Opener

The Letter Opener With High Performance in a Small Place

Handle envelopes of different sizes and thicknesses without pre-sorting Open up to 20,000 envelopes per day
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Mid Volume Mail Opening Machines

IM-22 electric letter opener
IM-22/27 Mail Opening Machines

High-Speed Opening

The IM-22/27 mail opening machine allows to separate mixed mail efficiently and ensures all envelopes are separated before entering the milling cutter....

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High Volume Automatic Letter Openers

IM-30/35 letter opener
IM-30/35 Incoming Mail Equipments

Efficient Modern Mail Opening

The IM-30 and the IM-35 incoming mail equipments are built for efficiency and are reasonably priced for companies or corporate departments. Neopost offers...

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