Letter metering machine: save money of postage and save time on mail processing

Letter metering machines reduce postage costs for your company with up to 33% reductions on standard stamp postage rates, a major advantage when considering an installation for your mailing room. Neopost, the global leader in mailing equipment and software for businesses, provides a wide range of letter metering machines for businesses of all sizes.

Consult a Neopost specialist for a tailor-made solution for your mailing room, from home office to robust, high volume solutions capable of metering 5000 items per day, our designs aim to meet the mailing requirements of each customer. Discover more about the features of Neopost metering  machines, the ergonomic, easy-to-use navigation tools allow operators optimal mailing action. 

With affordable leasing options and privileged rates for metering, our postal metering machines offer a cost effective solution for your mailing room. You can opt for automated metering, monitoring and tracking of postal expenditure, manage multiple accounts online…

letter metering machine

Neopost technology: Leasing a letter metering machine

Neopost offers leasing options for letter metering machines that will help you increase efficiency and save money on postage. You can benefit from the privileged metering rates for both national and international mail and gain time in mail processing delays.

Neopost is dedicated to designing equipment and software that improves your company’s mailing processes. Send, receive and manage your communications with our solutions for mail, email or SMS.

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