Infographic : What is an Ideal Mail Center?

Infographic : What is an Ideal Mail Center?


Recent studies by the U.S. Postal Service show a lot more companies going back to first class mail. And with the growth in parcel shipments in the U.S. it is believed that mail centers or insourcing mailing operations are stronger now compared to the past 10 or 15 years.

Improving Mailing and Shipping Productivity

This doesn’t necessarily mean that every company needs to set up a mail center. What it does mean is that organizations need to think through some of the business processes a mail center can offer and consider which ones could help them improve the productivity of their mailing and shipping operations.

Mail Requirements in Europe

Germany on the other hand is currently seeing a trend towards full-service providers. Service providers here need to be able to efficiently handle mailings for every country in Europe at a reasonable price, for large or small mailing volumes. In Germany it is important to observe the relevant legislation, postal rules, and communication traditions of the respective destination countries. Therefore service providers will have to continue to take into account different requirements such as postage rates, and mail formats. When it comes to sustainability for the future, German mail centers are looking at three-dimensional mailings – from physical letter dispatch to e-mails to the provision of communications content on the Internet. 

Mail and Parcel Delivery Management - A Business Opportunity

Mail and parcels are critical to every organization’s success. If businesses start to look at how and why they manage their mail centers in detail, they will be able to turn them into a major financial opportunity.

Check out our infographic to find out what you should take into account when setting up and managing your mail center.  

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