Professional Mail Processing

Enjoy the benefits of no longer having to prepare your mail by hand. Automate the processing of a wide range of documents, envelopes and even inserts or business reply envelopes. And Design and deliver attractive messages, making a major contribution toward efficient direct mail campaigns. Add an intelligent code to every mail piece so that you can adapt content to every recipient.  Securely process personalized mail runs and those with a varying volume of documents per set, ensuring that every recipient receives precisely the right mail piece. And automatically sort mail into different exits, based on postal zip code, set thickness, metering rates, or any combination of the above.

Low Volume Folder Inserter

compact folder inserter
DS-35: The Office-Friendly Folder Inserter

The Convenient Solution for Folding and Inserting your Mail

The Neopost DS-35 automatic folder inserter deals with the job for you, enabling you to perform other tasks. With its compact size and fold-away catch tray...

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DS-63 folding inserting machine
DS-63, Your Mail Management Partner

An Easy-To-Use Desktop Folder Inserter

The DS-63 paper folding machine can be configured in several different ways and can be adapted to meet your every need. This versatility...

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Mid Volume Folder Inserter

DS-65 mail folder inserter
DS-65 Folding Inserting System

The New Standard in Self Service for Folding Inserting

Combined with our mail management software , the DS-65 folding inserting system is the...

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DS-75i folder inserter
DS-75i Folder Inserter

The Folding and Inserting System which Combines Productivity, Versatility and Intuitivity

The DS-75i combines unparalleled ease of use with advanced technology. The DS-75i can be connected to your network and you can benefit from unique services...

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High Volume Folder Inserter

DS-85 envelope inserting machine
DS-85: Fold and Insert Automatically

The Easy-To-Use Folder Inserter that Grows with Your Business

Do you have to deal with expanding needs in your mailroom? Then the compact DS-85 automatic paper folding machine can help you out. The...

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DS-90i Folder Inserter
DS-90i Folder Inserter

Productive, Versatile and Intelligent Folder Inserter

Neopost facilitates productivity, flexibility and ease of use at the highest level with the DS-90i mail folding and inserting machine ....

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DS-150/180 Folding Inserting System
DS-150/180 Folding Inserting System

Modular & Highly Productive Folder Inserter

Our automatic folder inserter machines enable you to easily create professional, top-quality mail pieces. The systems easily adapts to...

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Production Folder Inserter

DS-200 folder inserter
DS-200 Automatic Folder Inserter

The Highly Productive System that Inserts an Unprecedented Variety of Mail

In addition to its amazing ease of use as a production inserter , the DS-200 also provides high speed performance. It can process up to 4,...

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DS-1200 production folder inserter
DS-1200 Production Folder Inserter

The Intelligent High-Performance Folder Inserter that Optimizes your Mail Processing

Whatever your business requirements, the DS-1200 production folder inserter can be configured with the appropriate modules. Should your...

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