Data governance program

Data governance program - data quality management software: delivering corporate-wide accountability and accessibility in relation to your company’s data

Does your firm have a data governance program? If so, it’s likely that it will have to call on data quality management software to achieve its targets. This is a highly specialized field and very few businesses will have the in-house expertise to tackle this on their own. Neopost is one service provider that has the skills to implement your corporate data governance program. It has developed a raft of packages to address the main issues arising out of data governance and data quality.

Neopost’s data quality management software links into several key areas:

  • Data management
  • Data stewardship
  • Data governance

One of the biggest drivers behind all of these concerns is the desire to improve company-customer interactions. This is the rationale behind software like Satori Capture, a data quality-focused tool. It will help you to reduce duplication to a minimum, ensuring that your customers will always receive mailings that are relevant and personal. Fewer duplicates also means less wasted time for both you and your clients and prospects.

Data governance program

Data governance program - data quality management software: The constant battle to keep your data up to date

Having a data governance program also means one of your key objectives is keeping customer data constantly updated. There are various data quality management software packages that are designed to do just that. One of the most useful tools in this field from the Neopost stable is the MailRoom Toolkit. This is especially useful for firms working with the US and UK markets. It boasts combined validation and updating functions tailored to the fast-moving world we live in.


If you’re interested in catching up with Neopost at any of the many industry events they attend, a schedule is available in the newsroom. For all other enquiries about data governance program models and data quality management software, simply contact us via our website’s online form.