Communication process

Neopost boasts a range of solutions aimed at streamlining the in-house and B2C communication process

Today’s corporate world revolves around communication. So it naturally follows that businesses need to choose the technology that powers their communication process or processes with the greatest of care. Neopost’s postal communication process solutions are designed with the needs of business in mind, with an emphasis on speed and accuracy when it comes to delivery.

For example, Neopost offers a range of dedicated mail processing solutions from postage meters to high-speed letter openers and mail sorters. The company’s parcel delivery services are an equally important component of the communication process for many of their customers.

Modern communications involves dealing with vast quantities of data, even for companies choosing to use the more traditional medium of surface mail. In fact, effective data management is key to contacting customers and prospects efficiently. Neopost has created a number of powerful data management software packages which focus on different fields like address management, mailing preparation and data enrichment.

Accuracy is key to successful communication process management

Speed is of the essence at every stage of the communication process, but speed is nothing without reliability. Packages such as the MailRoom Toolkit and Satori Capture both focus on the verification and correction of contact details for individuals and businesses – even as data is being entered into your database.

Making sure the data you have is up to date is also a must for any successful marketing strategy. Specific data enrichment tools can enable you to check contact details, make any necessary changes and add new data to customer and prospect files. These solutions are a great way of making sure you get maximum bang for your buck from your marketing campaigns.

If you’d like to find out more about these and other communication process enhancement tools, why not contact us!