See how address validation and address lookup technologies have advanced with the latest tools from Neopost

In the tough economic times we live in, finding new customers has never been more important. This means that customer prospection, marketing and CRM have all taken on a new significance. In this new environment, address validation – address lookup software can really make a big difference to the success or otherwise of your prospecting and marketing campaigns. Address validation – address lookup solutions essentially do what they says on the tin. They consist of software packages that are designed to check addresses – verifying that all the relevant details are correct and up to date.

Neopost has been in the postal services and document management trade for nearly ninety years now. However, there’s absolutely nothing old-fashioned about its impressive range of data management solutions.

A typical example of this kind of package is Satori Capture, an address management system. This solution facilitates the rapid entry of address data, as well as making it simpler to verify the integrity of address data. What’s more, it can also run checks to weed out duplicates and it’s designed to make updating quick and easy.

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Address validation and address lookup – crucial components in keeping your business on top of its contacts

All businesses generate large numbers of contacts – prospects, suppliers, existing customers and many more. That’s what makes having powerful address validation and address lookup tools at your fingertips so important - tools like the MailRoom Toolkit.

This particular package has been devised to aid address correction, address verification and validation and postal pre-sorting. It is specifically tailored to the United Kingdom and the USA and is capable of validating contact data upon entry and updating address details on the go. 

Neopost specializes in document delivery, boasting both a strong local presence and global reach. If you’d like to find out more about our address validation – address lookup technology and parcel delivery solutions, it’s easy to get in touch.