Address correction and address verification

Neopost’s data management solutions make address correction and address verification easy!

The issue of address correction - address verification has always been of critical importance in the provision of postal and parcel delivery services. One of the main causes of dissatisfaction with postal services stems from deliveries that are delayed or which simply never arrive. Poor address management plays a crucial role in this area.

In the old days, it goes without saying, all these management tasks had to be done by hand. Now, of course, we have access to incredibly powerful software that helps make address correction and address verification a breeze!

Like many other companies in its field, Neopost has invested heavily in address management technology. One such product is the Satori Capture package. This solution’s main advantage lies in its ability to greatly facilitate address entry and address verification, thus saving precious time, and therefore money. It also has the capacity to look for duplicates and is user-friendly too, enabling you to make any updates with minimum hassle.

MailRoom Toolkit

Head off address correction and address verification headaches before they start, with the MailRoom Toolkit

The MailRoom Toolkit is a cutting edge software package for address correction and presorting that’s designed specifically for the British and US markets.

It offers two key functionalities:

  • contact data validation/verification at the point of entry in the database
  • rapid, reactive address updating for both individuals and businesses

This kind of software can also be very usefully applied to make sure your marketing campaigns are run at optimal levels of efficiency.

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