Philippe Boulanger interview, Technical Officer Neopost

Agile Development Methodologies benefit to Neopost mailing solutions

Neopost’s R&D team has a successful hardware and software strategy. Chief Technical Officer Philippe Boulanger explains how Neopost technology will allow customers to select the platform they prefer. The ultimate goal is a better user experience across personal and business communications devices.

Philippe Boulanger, Directeur Technique de Neopost

Philippe Boulanger, Technical Officer Neopost

What is the Neopost R&D team’s strategy for coping with our industry’s fast-changing markets?
PhB: Shorter development cycles. We’ve implemented a very successful plan in a variety of tactical ways. Neopost creates functional hardware and software modules that can be re-used from one product platform to another, just like in the car industry. So, several of our mailing systems now share a common user interface and operating system software, share the same scanning technology and serve as models for generational improvements.

What’s the advantage of sharing software and technology like that?
PhB: Developing and creating these sub-modules and deploying them across multiple platforms significantly reduce R&D development cycles. That allows Neopost to bring better products to market quickly and efficiently.

Specifically, how does Neopost shorten development cycles?
PhB: We have widely adopted Agile Development Methodologies. These methodologies ensure the best possible fit between the customers’ needs and the product being developed because Neopost is famous for listening to and responding to its customers. This development method is deployed at almost all our R&D sites: Rüti, Switzerland; Bagneux and Cavaillon, France; Milford, Connecticut in the U.S. and Hanoi, Vietnam.

How do they work?
PhB: The Agile Development Methodologies rely on “sprint cycles,” regular meetings to ensure that the user stories align with the customers’ expectations. The concept relies on being able to regularly demonstrate to customers the solution under development. This step ensures that R&D is working in the right direction and helps us avoid significant changes at the end of the development plan.

So who benefits from this process?
PhB: Customers are the immediate beneficiaries of Neopost’s R&D synergies. Repurposing software among many of our products has helped us envision a better convergence of the user experience on our entire product range. Advanced research is also ongoing to further improve this user experience across devices as well as in a new generation of online services.