Neopost invests 5% of its revenue in research and development every year. A total of 800 engineers (Neopost employees and sub-contractors) on 18 sites use the very latest technology to continue to improve the quality and performance of the Group’s products. These highly-qualified innovators foresee our customers’ future needs and work on new generations of systems, software, infrastructures and networks relating to the management of documents, mail, parcels, data and logistics flows.

Technologies and Expertise

Neopost’s R&D teams focus on a wide range of technologies and many areas of expertise including:

  • Information capture via bar codes, Radio-frequency identification (RFID), voice servers and Electronic Data Interchange  (EDI)
  • Analogue, Local Area Network (LAN) or General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) connectivity
  • Electronics
  • Infrastructure and network software
  • Embedded software
  • Paper handling
  • Precision mechanics
  • Mail security and cryptology
  • Printing technology
  • Traceability

Online Services for Better Mail Flow Management

Neopost offers a wide range of customizable solutions which automate and simplify mail flow management. This includes the reception, sorting and distribution of incoming mail, as well as the preparation, folding, inserting and franking of outgoing mail.

Our online services and software provide effective ways of:

  • Controlling your postal budget
  • Cutting postage costs
  • Reducing processing time
  • Making your mail management process safe and secure

Partnerships with Key Players in Technology

Neopost believes in developing successful technology partnerships in order to drive new projects forward and help the industry make progress.  One of these partnerships led to the launch of the first inkjet franking systems with new digital applications for the postal industry.

“Our Agile Development Methodologies rely on “sprint cycles” which are regular meetings to ensure that user stories align with customers’ expectations. The concept relies on being able to regularly demonstrate the solution under development to customers. This step ensures that R&D is working in the right direction and helps us avoid significant changes at the end of the development plan.”

Chief Technical Officer, Neopost