Neopost’s Factory in France

Neopost Industry in Le Lude produces high-end mailing systems including the IS-5000 and the IS-6000. In addition Le Lude handles the production of printed circuit boards and customizes mailing systems for many countries.  The factory’s main customers are the different Neopost subsidiaries and dealers around the world.

Experts in Remanufacturing Mailing Systems

The French factory is also responsible for remanufacturing activities. This involves: recovering products from the field; inspecting them; dismantling them; cleaning them;  updating them - with equivalent functionalities that are as good as new – testing them; packing them and finally putting them back on the market, with warranties equivalent to those for new products.  From a customer’s point of view a remanufactured machine is like a new one: it has the same aesthetic appeal and product specifications, and meets the same quality and warranty standards. Most of these remanufactured products are low-end and mid-range mailing systems and their role in this entire process greatly contributes to the circular economy.

Le Lude At A Glance

  • 270 full-time employees
  • Mailing System production
  • Delivers 55,000 mailing systems per year and over 1,000 supplies and/or spare parts per day
  • Mailing System Remanufacturing for Europe
  • Quality management and product approvals

Dedicated to Technology and Best Practices

Le Lude is recognized as a centre of expertise for printed circuit boards and Neopost’s subsidiaries benefit from a direct shipment mode from the factory. All flows are fully IT integrated with SAP Enterprise Resource Planning. This software enables the factory to seamlessly manage data for each stage of its business.

The Vision for the Future

Neopost Industry in Le Lude plans to focus on remanufacturing activities in collaboration with the Neopost subsidiaries. It aims to encourage the “swap” process for low-end machines. This means that instead of sending out engineers to repair broken maling systems, the factory will swap the broken products with remanufactured machines if it is profitable to do so.

Neopost’s Factory in the UK 

Neopost Technologies Ltd in Loughton manufactures mid-range folder inserters and the DS-1200 high-end folder inserter for large volume users. The factory also produces pressure sealers and folder inserter related equipment. Loughton’s main customers include service companies, government departments, banks and insurance companies, all with intense processing needs.

Specialists in High-End Folder Inserters

Loughton’s products have an 8-10 year life cycle and each machine is purpose-built with customized solutions involving software. The factory is a self-contained unit, responsible for design, production and distribution. The most popular model at Loughton is the DS-200 folder inserter, an excellent mid-range machine designed to meet the needs of high-end mail centers.

Loughton At A Glance

  • 130 full-time employees
  • Assembly of production mail solutions
  • Production of sheet metal and turned parts
  • Spare parts and supply management for the UK
  • Quality management and product approvals

A Commitment to R&D

A dynamic R&D team works at Loughton to enhance mailroom productivity and efficiency through cutting-edge technologies and solutions. These 30 experts are the brains behind the designs and represent one of the major strengths of the site. The R&D team has a very close working relationship with the production teams and its customer-centric approach enables it to come up with solutions to meet market needs.

The Vision for the Future

Neopost Technologies in Loughton is committed to pursuing continuous improvement in the years ahead by being more efficient and producing more of the same products with better features and functions.

Neopost’s Factory in the Netherlands

Neopost Technologies BV in Drachten is located in an innovation cluster consisting of a group of companies with a high level of R&D activities. The factory designs and manufactures it own products, while sharing innovative practices, technical knowledge and cooperation with the rest of the cluster.

A Competence Center for Folder Inserters

Drachten is recognized for innovative manufacturing, with 90% of production focused on office folder inserters, such as the DS-65 and the DS-100, and envelope openers. Parcel hardware production, representing 10% of the activity, offers fully automated solutions including making the carton, placing goods in the carton and labeling the carton.

Drachten At A Glance

  • 250 full-time employees
  • Document Systems Production
  • Technical sales support
  • Production of sheet metal and turned parts
  • Spare parts and supply management for the Netherlands
  • Quality management and product approvals

Innovative Product Development

Drachten’s high commitment to innovation is reflected by the productivity, creativity and energy of the people and the multidisciplinary teams that work together on product development. There is a real spirit of entrepreneurship in Drachten that helps uncover new business opportunities. And a high level of employee engagement makes it an attractive place to work.

The Vision for the Future

Neopost Technologies in Drachten plans to continue focusing on designing parcel hardware solutions in order to meet the growing demands of the e-fulfillment industry sector.