International Management Team

The 8 members of Neopost's close-knit international management team, from different cultures and nationalities,  collaborate enthusiastically in order to ensure the successful transformation of the Group

Our subsidiaries enjoy a high level of operational autonomy. This allows them to be closer to customers and better understand their needs. The limited number of hierarchical levels helps with the sharing of information and ensures responsiveness and agility in decision making. Neopost’s decentralized organizational structure encourages a spirit of entrepreneurship and favors recognition.

Board of Directors

In matters of corporate governance Neopost uses the Corporate Governance Code for listed companies, published by Afep and Medef in December 2008, as its point of reference. Seven directors out of ten are independent, as defined in the Afep-Medef code.

The Board of Directors approves the strategic orientation and major projects of the Group, whether related to internal or external developments.

 The Board met sixtimes during the 2015 financial year and had an attendance rate of 88%. The Board of Directors is supported in its work by three dedicated committees: the remuneration committe, the nomination committee and the audit committee.