Neopost is a Socially Responsible Company.

We draw on a variety of human, social, financial and natural resources to provide our customers with cutting-edge products and services. But we use our resources wisely. Neopost considers the interests of society as a whole when making business decisions. We take responsibility for the effect of our activities on our employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers and the communities in which we work and live.

Each Neopost operating company has a moral obligation to conduct their activities in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and standards. They also have an ethical duty to behave as a responsible corporate citizens.

For us this means engaging in constructive and mutually profitable working relationships with our partners. It also involves respecting environmental, quality-of-life and safety standards as well as supporting local communities .We provide assistance to local communities where we have a business interest and support employees in their charitable work and actions. We call this being “close to our customers, close to our communities”.

We observe statutory regulations and laws in the countries and communities in which we do business.

Our agreements with external contractors, postal operators, suppliers and vendors stipulate a mandatory requirement for compliance with international labor conventions, global political resolutions and local legislation regarding working conditions, hygiene and environmental protection.

Neopost goes beyond this minimum level of compliance by implementing ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 180001 certification programmes on each of its sites. We take measures to protect our employees and to ensure that the environmental conditions in which they work are good.

Neopost minimizes the environmental impact of its products throughout their entire life cycles, from the product development stage to the end-of-life recycling stage, including production, shipping and usage.

The group's eco-friendly design policy has allowed us to cut the weight of our latest machines by approximately 40% while also cutting the amount of components used in manufacturing by 10%. We deliver value to customers by improving the environmental performance of our products, helping them reduce their carbon footprint.