What is invoice automation and why is it so important to look at this before the end of the year?

What is invoice automation and why is it so important to look at this before the end of the year?


As the holiday season approaches and your employees get ready to pack for their family vacations, decorate their homes and head out for some much needed time off from the office, one thing is for  sure – those large piles of invoices sat on your accounts receivables, finance or operations teams’ desks have to be folded, stuffed, metered and mailed to your customers in hopes of receiving payment before you close your books for the end of the year and make all values balance appropriately on your company’s balance sheet. In the heat of the moment and the amounting pressure to get them out, it can be very easy to overlook a customer’s invoice to send, inadvertently stuff the wrong invoice into the wrong envelope, arrive late at the Post Office, miss a deadline or simply incur really high costs  in postage for Certified or Priority Mail.

This all sounds so familiar, time consuming and quite exhausting don’t you think? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a better, simpler and more efficient way to get all these invoices out without compromising on quality, letting go of valuable resource time and most importantly get paid on time? Through a few easy steps, you can eliminate this manual, risky and cumbersome mailing process and migrate to simple, cost effective business process automation, or in this case, invoice automation.

Invoice automation allows your business to process your invoices all without the need for human interaction along every step of the way. Through invoice automation, you can monitor your invoice through email automation tools. You can also use features like invoice capture in which all the relevant data of the invoice is captured from the invoice like Customer ID#, Invoice #, Amount, Address etc. You can even setup invoice jobs in advance, customize your mail options and save scenarios to quick and efficient large batch invoice mailings. Lastly through invoice automation and digital solutions like Quadient’s, you can even leverage the power of grouping to insert additional customer documents like statements, notices, agreements and other pertinent businesses communications. Through the power of automation, you rid your business of the associated risks attributed to manual mail processing, cut down costs significantly on ink, supplies, paper and additional overtime costs associated with employees working around the clock. High value employees can focus on high value tasks and your business can have a more transparent, visible and more coherent way to automate their invoice delivery and payment remittance with a few minor operational adjustments. While businesses like yours are in the race to go digital, its important to not just offer digital means for invoice retrieval and payment, but for the entire process to be automated and traced throughout its entirety. Automating repetitive processes free up a lot more time for these well-deserving teams working overtime and skipping their lunches to have a better and easier way to finish their workload without compromising the integrity and quality in their work.

Quadient’s Business Process Automation (BPA) solutions help small and medium-sized organizations optimize operational costs, improve the customer and employee experience, and drive business growth by automating business-critical outbound and inbound processes. Our solutions leverage existing core systems and enable business user control over crucial interactions with an organizations’ most valuable asset – the customer. The result is greater efficiency through the elimination of manual processes, improved customer experience, and greater control over regulatory compliance. We also give you the flexibility to automate what you need, when you need it, allowing you to evolve at your own pace, without the need to invest in new technology down the road. Should you want to learn more, have a read through this and let us know how Quadient can help free up valuable time of your staff and so you can get paid quicker, resulting in a far greater customer and business experience for all.