Certified Mail piece

What is Certified Mail and How to Send it Online


Learn more about this critical mail service and how sending it online can help your business streamline the Certified Mail process and save up to 43 percent.

Have you ever been confused about how to send out important customer documents or forms? Chances are you’ve tried to send out Certified Mail before, maybe for time-sensitive tax forms or important legal documents. Here we’ll review what Certified Mail is and the different solutions available for sending Certified Mail. You might be surprised to find that there are ways to improve your Certified Mail process with automation that may even save you up to 43 percent.


What is Certified Mail?


Certified Mail is an extra service provided by the USPS® to ensure your item reaches its intended recipient. Certified Mail can be added to whatever you are sending: bills, taxes or legal forms, and the USPS verifies that it was both delivered and received. Certified Mail service can also be added to larger items like packages or large envelopes.


You might be asking, “How does the USPS verify that my item was delivered? That’s a great question! There are a number of ways the USPS secures your mail and provides proof that it was delivered:

  1. A receipt that verifies what was sent and provides a tracking number
  2. Electronic verification that a delivery attempt was made (this can be found on the USPS website)
  3. A written “record of delivery” that is kept at the Post Office for two years


Now a lot of companies need more than what is listed above. They often also need proof of signature that the mailed item was received. This is called “Return Receipt” and this can be purchased in addition to Certified Mail. You can find the list of prices for Certified Mail and other mail classes on our postal rates page.


What is Online Certified Mail?

If you’re sending out a number of Certified Mail pieces, especially during tax season or busy periods, you might feel like you are spending too much time filling out forms and tracking down receipts and proofs of delivery. You may not know it, but Certified Mail can be prepared and sent two ways: It can be sent from the Post Office™ or it can be filled out, tracked and archived online! Submitting Certified Mail online can save you up to 43% on each mail piece but it also can impact your business by making your workflow faster and easier.


With online Certified Mail you can fill out the recipient’s address online and print out an adhesive label right from your desk. You then have an online record of the mail piece that your business can track, giving you full visibility and proof of delivery that can be archived for as many years as needed.


Benefits of Online Certified Mail

Many businesses need their Certified Mail records saved and archived for bookkeeping or legal reasons. Online Certified Mail has one central portal where important records like proof of delivery and proof of signature are stored and archived which can be a big help to companies that need to keep clear and organized records or that want to store their records in an easily searchable online database.


To learn more about online Certified Mail visit our webpage to see how e-Certify:

  • Provides proof of mailing
  • Tracks your Certified Mail online
  • Creates and archives final proof of delivery
  • May save you up to 43% on Certified Mail with electronic Return Receipt