Tired of Standing in Line at the Post Office?

Tired of Standing in Line at the Post Office?


Every business has demands on its time and the daily task of preparing and getting mail out can take time away from activities that grow the business, like serving customers. Getting the mail out in a timely manner, while making sure it gets to the right customer is essential – without accurate invoices sent out rapidly, cash flow suffers; without marketing mail, business growth can stall. What isn’t essential is that businesses spend so much time printing mailings, stuffing envelopes and standing in line at the Post Office.

Small businesses often outsource a range of non-core business activities. They know they can save time and money in the long run by focusing on their area of expertise. Despite this, many still manage mail preparation themselves. By outsourcing this activity, they could divert effort into revenue-generating activities. Not only that, a digital outsourced mail management solution can save costs, optimize mailings through personalization and provide a digital record and mail traceability.   


It isn’t only printing, sorting, collating and creating physical mailings that takes time. A lot of information is now sent by email. Each time a business prepares communications manually it must manage the split of digital and physical mailings. Wouldn’t it be better to have a system that stores customers’ communications preferences and applies this each time?

Send Letters and Emails from your Computer in Minutes

Instead of managing mail manually and spending lots of time at the Post Office, businesses can create documents in the usual way and upload them to a cloud portal to take care of the rest. One, ten or even thousands of letters can be sent in this way, taking the hassle and time out of preparing mail. It’s quick and simple to select printed mail or digital options, and all physical mail for the same recipient is grouped together to save on postage and enhance the customer experience by receiving a single communication.

Outsourced outgoing mail:

  • Saves time that would have been spent printing, stuffing envelopes and applying postage
  • Improves mail through personalization, for example, by adding targeted promotional inserts
  • Cuts costs and enhance customer experience by grouping mail for the same recipient into a single envelope
  • Increases productivity by redirecting time to other core or revenue-generating activities
  • Brings in payments faster by sending out invoices as soon as they’re created
  • Satisfies customer preferences for how they wish to receive communications
  • Increases mail integrity through trackable barcodes
  • Securely stores digital communications for easy archiving and retrieval.