The Powerful Combination of Neopost Hardware and Software Earns Penn State a USPS Mailing Innovation Award


Neopost-brand hardware and software were recognized during a United States Postal Service® award ceremony
at a May 24 luncheon at the 2017 National Postal Forum in Baltimore.

Here’s The Short Version of the Story
Pennsylvania State University received a Mailing Innovation and Digital Award for the Eastern Area from the USPS because the school’s Multimedia and Print Center added value to the university, students and students’ parents by automating the fulfillment of new-student acceptance packets using its new Neopost DS-200 folder/inserter equipped with our OMS-500 multi-channel communications management solution integrated with Satori address-cleansing software.

The school was using a competitor’s outdated folder/inserter which did not meet regulation-prescribed requirements for handling sensitive personal information – in this case, student admission packets – securely. For that reason, the university was forced to assemble and stuff all of those student packets by hand, a time-consuming process subject to a high degree of human error.

Now, 2-D barcodes on the acceptance letters tell the insertion system how many pages the letter is and which inserts — brochures, literature, magnets, etc. — should go into each envelope.

The Result
Our technology-based enhancement combined with Penn State’s innovative methods for reducing processing time and virtually eliminating human error impressed the USPS.

Students now receive admissions acceptance packets faster than ever before. Delivery time plummeted from a few weeks after acceptance letters were posted online to as few as three days. Abbas Badani, Penn State’s Multimedia and Print Center Director, does not know of any “other university able to get these materials out faster.”

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