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The Evolution of the Mailing Industry


The mailing industry is thriving. First-Class Mail is strong. That equates to opportunity for mailers and shippers of all sizes.

Neopost USA’s Marketing leader Kevin O’Connor reveals how Neopost-brand solutions add value to customers’ mail centers or shipping hubs and help them engage their customers, improve productivity, increase revenue, control costs and reduce business risk. Many factors have influenced the evolution.

  • Five years ago, many customers outsourced mailing and consolidated their mail services. The challenge was to add value for our customers in the physical mail and shipping space, as well as digital options.
  • Statistics show that on a year over year basis, the USPS® has recorded less than two percent of total mail output. This means our customers are rediscovering that first class mail is a critical element to drive customers and prospects.
  • The integration of digital solutions is profound. Customers want a faster delivery time and more accurate information about mail and packages.