inbound parcel processing for universities

The E-Commerce Boom has Changed Student Buying Habits.


College and university campus mail centers have reached administrative and logistical critical mass. An ever-increasing number of new students combined with their well-established online buying habits and expectations have forced schools to ratchet-up their levels of student parcel delivery service. The new normal is a near-constant state of “overwhelmed.” There are, however, solutions.

Here is the advice our parcel solutions for education expert gave to the campus administrators who read College Planning & Management magazine’s November issue.

The e-commerce boom has changed student buying habits. Many schools are learning how to receive, sort and deliver an exponentially higher number of packages, quickly and accurately, to thousands of students every day. This high volume of incoming packages is the new normal that is straining campus mailing services, increasing operating expenses and overwhelming mail center employees.

Smart mail center managers cope via tracking systems. No more hand-written package-delivery notices. An inbound package tracking system scans packages the second they arrive, prints a barcoded label for the package and generates an e-mail notice for the student recipient. Students receive the email in real time which encourages fast pickup and reduces the amount of time that packages pile up in your mail center. 

An inbound package tracking system also gives you another huge benefit: real-time data. You can see the exact number of packages your mail center receives daily by carrier as well as the amount of time a package sits in your mail center before a student picks it up. Instant data at your fingertips translates into stronger reporting up to management.

Finding packages during the pick-up process gets easier, too. Packages with barcode labels facing out can be stacked to maximize shelf space and can be accessed easily for check points in the process. Plus, barcode tracking reduces the number of lost or missing inbound packages to almost zero.

Grab end-to-end control by automating your inbound parcel management today. Who wins? You. Your mail center staff. And, most importantly, your school’s students.

This article was published in the November issue of College Planning & Management magazine. Click here to read the article (page 8).