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Who’s Got My Parcel?

Who’s Got My Parcel?

Some organizations receive hundreds of parcels and other deliveries daily . The packages are often sent to a centralized mailroom with employees expected to manually receive and sort these packages to ensure each one makes it to the right recipient.
How to Keep Your Operating Costs Down

How to Keep Your Operating Costs Down

Managing operating costs is an integral aspect of running a business . The higher they are, the smaller the margin on each generated sale. This limits the amount of cash available to invest in business-growing activities. While some expenditures such as overhead will be fixed and difficult to...

Digital Skills Shortage Should be a Wake-up Call for SMEs

A new report has been published Monday the 19th of October, which highlights the imbalance of digital skills between different regions .

BYOD: The Challenges You Aren’t Aware Of

Bring your own device, or BYOD, is giving many businesses a lot to think about. It’s widely touted as a way to increase flexibility, improve employee performance and boost customer engagement – factors that sound very appealing to smaller businesses. However, not all BYOD deployments deliver on...

How SMEs Can Grow Their Business

There are a lot of challenges that can inhibit a SME’s success; obvious ones, such as gaining new customers , managing increasing costs , or securing repeat business . As well as more unusual ones, such as aining access to the skill pool, having the required experience and understanding to elevate...

Want to Enhance Your Performance? There’s an App for That!

Whether you’re a multinational corporation with 500+ employees or a SME with fewer than 10, the efficiency and accuracy of your business processes can impact everything you do , from customer satisfaction and brand reputation, to revenue and profit.

Has Your Organization Embraced Digitization?

Digitization has become the business community's number one priority . In survey after survey, it is cited as the key strategic focus/challenge of our times, ahead of critical factors such as regulation and customer knowledge. Less surprising than this new-found urgency is why it has taken so long...

How to E-invoice

Up until around five years ago e-invoicing solutions were principally developed for large enterprises. However new solutions, specially developed for SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), are gaining market share. By making the transition from physical to digital invoicing SMEs are reaping the...

How Small Businesses can Reduce Costs by Managing Mail Differently

For any business, managing costs is a vital aspect of day-to-day life. Particularly for smaller businesses just starting out, it can be difficult to stick within budget, which means outgoings can soon spiral out of control. It’s therefore imperative that start-ups take steps from the beginning to...

Digitization for SMEs: Where to Start

When it comes to digitization, start-ups have a clear advantage in that they can go digital from day one. Established businesses have to take a more evolutionary approach, generally starting with pilot schemes and departmental implementations. Evidence suggests that businesses are missing out on...


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