Quit Manual Business Processes. Become Limitless.


Manual mail preparation is becoming even more disruptive, time-consuming and putting a serious drain on your motivation and ability to be excited about getting your job done. Find out how businesses of any size can benefit from quitting tedious manual processes. 


How Businesses of Any Size Can Benefit from Quitting Tedious Manual Processes

How much time do you currently spend working on your company’s mailing processes? Do you feel you’re having a big impact on the company’s bottom line? Or, is it more something you do because you know it has to get done, you’ve always done it this way and there’s no other way known to you to make your life more exciting and your job less repetitive? If you’re feeling like we’re speaking your language here, it’s because we’ve heard you and many of your peers speak for years about how manual mail preparation is becoming even more disruptive, time-consuming and putting a serious drain on your motivation and ability to be excited about getting your job done.

Did you know? Professionals take 18 minutes on average to locate a document manually––20% to 40% of their time––and spend 50% of their time searching for information.

Not only is manual work affecting employee productivity it can also stop or delay your mail process altogether during peak seasons like the holidays. These are the times when essential employees may be out of pocket due to sickness or vacation causing critical mail processes to come to a standstill or causing other workers to stay longer hours and devote qualify time and energy to manual work instead of other value-added tasks. Just don’t do it.

How good would that feel? If you came into work on Monday morning and your boss said to you just quit paper and don’t do it. While initially shocked and confused, I am sure like me, you would be very quickly intrigued as to what they were telling you to do and why they were saying it. The reason why your boss has come around to this revelation is because even they too realize that not only is manual labor expensive, error-prone, inefficient and laborious… it doesn’t allow you as a high value employee to focus on high value tasks.

A study by enterprise software expert, Unit 4, revealed that globally, office workers spend 69 days a year on administrative tasks, costing companies $5 trillion a year.

You may have a degree from an accredited university on strategic management with a minor in economics and yet no one even knows that or can leverage your talent because you’re stuck doing this very necessary office job, but still haven’t found the opportunity to find an alternative way to do it better, more efficiently, in half or more of the time, with no errors and in an automated way.

When McKinsey surveyed 1500 executives across all industries and regions, 66% responded that “addressing potential skills gaps related to automation/digitization” was a top-ten priority. Almost 30% put it in their top five priorities.

Business process automation allows you to work smarter, not harder. It is simply taking technology or business logic to automate repetitive workflows and streamline operations. It takes the pain and hassle of finding invoices manually from your computer, to printing, checking the data, folding paper, stuffing them in envelopes and mailing them all away from you and essentially allows you to outsource it. Woah, outsourcing my customer’s mail? Is that even safe and secure? Of course it is, so long as you partner up with Quadient, whose been in the mail business for nearly a century and has a secure and compliant facility that manages mail with the greatest integrity. Through the years, we’ve seen that technology has helped solve some of the most difficult challenges we face where human power just doesn’t cut it.

Small and medium enterprises are expected to adopt business workflow automation on a large scale, creating a market of opportunity of more than US$ 1,600 million between 2017-2026.

There’s no one size fits all approach with technology either, but there is an endless amount of opportunity to leverage the power of technology to improve the quality of your output and automate critical business communications to your clients so they in turn receive a better experience and can trust in you.

As the world we live in becomes even more competitive, customer demands are always on the rise. Employees are constantly stretched thin, have unrealistic deadlines and limiting opportunity to learn, grow or try something different. Challenging and educating employees to work to their full potential and exercise their skills will have greater impact professionally and show more value personally. Our solutions leverage existing core systems and enable business user control over crucial interactions with an organizations’ most valuable asset – the customer. The result is greater efficiency through the elimination of manual processes, improved customer experience, and greater control over regulatory compliance. Your organization will benefit greatly from automating workflows and establishing standards across the entire organizations for automating inbound and outbound communications with customers, partners and suppliers.

You can future proof your business with a configurable and scalable solution. Quadient’s BPA solutions leverage existing business intelligence to automate or eliminate outbound and inbound document processes. Quadient solutions give you the flexibility to automate what you need, when you need it, allowing you to evolve at your own pace, without the need to invest in new technology down the road.

The benefits of automation are limitless. Speak with a representative about automation options for your business or learn more by downloading our eBook Steps to Automate Your Outgoing Mail and Go Digital