Parcel Lockers: A Better Way to Manage Inbound Package Delivey

Parcel Lockers: A Better Way to Manage Inbound Package Delivey


Inbound mail has changed dramatically over the last twenty years as result of digital technology. In the past, letters or “white mail” far outnumbered packages in mailrooms. Today letter volume has plummeted, largely replaced by electronic communications while package volume has soared due to the rise of ecommerce.

Fundamentally, there has been a major shift in the size and shape of inbound mail items with packages taking up significantly more space than letters.  To manage the increasing load, mail centers are thinking “outside of the box” and looking for ways to simplify package delivery. One solution that is growing in popularity to help manage the impact of inbound package volume is parcel lockers.

What is a Parcel Locker?

Intelligent Parcel Lockers are becoming the solution of choice at universities, corporate campuses and apartment complexes as a secure, convenient and efficient solution for parcel delivery. In 2018, The North American Parcel Locker Market was $119 Million and is expected to more than double in size by 2025*.

Parcel Lockers provide a simple, secure turn-key system for receiving and distributing packages. Lockers reduce the risk of packages being lost or stolen while providing an electronic chain of custody.  Auto-generated notifications alert recipients when they have a delivery. Packages can be retrieved by entering unique passcode at the center kiosk and picked up at the recipient's convenience 24/7 as parcel lockers can be installed indoors or outdoors in a variety of configurations.

They are a scalable solution that can help manage the package and parcel surge that will only continue to rise. By implementing parcel lockers as a turn-key means of distribution,  parcel distribution, mail centers can vastly reducing the time and risks involved in handling and manually tracking deliveries and minimize the increasing demand on staff.