Outgoing Mail Management: 8 Reasons to go Digital

Outgoing Mail Management: 8 Reasons to go Digital


Businesses communicate with customers through a range of channels; managing them individually can be costly and time-consuming. In this blog, we take a look at how centralizing customer communication can help.

Many businesses add new communications touchpoints over time. They may start with print, add email and then possibly add social media. This natural progression can result in separate processes being used across different communications channels as well as different communication types, such as marketing and invoicing.

Through digitization, companies can centralize and automate aspects of their outgoing mail management, bringing together the preparation and distribution of communications into one place for consistent, convenient and efficient handling. This best practice that can offer a range of benefits. Below is a list of our top eight reasons:

  1. Multi-channel communications management – Companies interact with customers through a range of digital and physical channels. Computer-based mail management can help as it enables information to be collated from various sources within the business and each communication to be issued through the right channel. This is ideal for companies that recognize the benefits of a multi-channel communications strategy and want an effective way of delivering it.
  2. Personalization – Customers expect companies to know who they are and to engage them through personalized communications. This is easier to achieve when processes are automated than when messages are created manually. Documents may have to be amended individually and reformatted for different channels.
  3. Customization – With an efficient solution for multi-channel communications, companies can give customers a choice as to how they wish to be contacted and communicate through their preferred channel for improved customer satisfaction.
  4. Error Reduction – When separate channel processes draw on information from multiple sources across the business, this can lead to errors. A single communications management tool gives more control over the process for accurate and consistent messaging.
  5. Time Savings – A centralized mail management solution can save your business lots of time when preparing and sending out communications.
  6. Cost Savings – can be derived in a couple of ways: the appropriate use of email in place of posted mail can save on printing and postage costs and printed documents for the same customer can be easily grouped together to cut back on unnecessary postage.
  7. Consistency - Think about how impressed you are when a company you are dealing with sends you consistent, omni-channel communications that are informative, helpful and deliver engaging digital experiences.
  8. Transparency – With a centralized tool, all stakeholders have sight of the status of customer communications.

Driving revenue growth is the result of all these benefits working together. When customers receive invoices in a timely manner through the channel they prefer it not only leads to greater customer satisfaction but it help brings cash back into the business more quickly. Outgoing mail management is an ideal solution that makes each customer interaction count.