National Postal Worker Day

Neopost USA Surveys Americans About the USPS®


As the de facto champion of the annual National Postal Worker Day celebration on July 1, Neopost USA surveyed American consumers to capture their opinions of the USPS. With over 1,345 respondents, we were able to compile some compelling key insights.

Here are a couple of the highlights:

83 percent of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that a strong postal service is an important part of American life.
A strong postal service is an important part of American life

“Empirical numbers corroborate America’s opinion,” says Vincent J. DeAngelis, Neopost USA’s Vice President of Postal Relations and Shipping Product Management. “The mailing industry provides 8.4 million American jobs and is responsible for generating more than $1.3 trillion annually.”

35.8 percent of respondents said a packing service would be the most desired addition to USPS services; 25.7 percent of respondents said a loyalty program.

“The USPS is so deeply ingrained in America’s history, commerce stream and quality of life that we can easily take it for granted,” says Alain Fairise, President of Neopost North America. “But we should take every available opportunity to appreciate the benefits we derive from the nation’s postal workers. National Postal Worker Day gives Americans the opportunity to honor the people inside the Postal Service who serve us on so many levels. The USPS as an institution deserves to be honored for its steadfast dedication to delivery, social responsibility, security, technology and innovation.”

Read the full press release to discover even more insights.