Does Technology Require a Human Touch?

Striking a Balance Between Automation and the Human Touch

Automation is becoming more and more prevalent. Its influence is everywhere, helping enterprises reduce costs, improve efficiency and provide smooth customer experiences . Automation helps to create the right conditions for growth and expansion because manual processes are harder to scale when more...
Could Your Small Business Benefit from Document Automation

Could Your Small Business Benefit from Document Automation?

If you have a small businesses that operates on a lean staff, you have to do more with less resources. One of the more time-consuming tasks is managing outbound customer communications. Many small businesses still handle document mailing internally relying on manual processes . While managing...

Always Acknowledge Customer Preferences

According to United States Postal Service® statistics, 10 billion visitors went to in 2016. Those numbers speak to customers visiting to learn about information, services and tracking, but where are your business customers going to for their information, invoices or communications?

Envelope or Email- Every Customer is Unique

If you have ever had to stuff envelopes, you know that getting the right customer and the right communication can sometimes be a challenge. Customer A wants her bill sent to her mailbox. Customer B wants to receive all his documents via email. How does a business owner manage this dichotomy?
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