Managing Multiple Mail Delivery Channels? 

Managing Multiple Mail Delivery Channels?


Today’s customers use a wide range of communications channels that include digital and mobile as well as traditional mail and telephone. However, managing outgoing multi-channel communications can be challenging with a lean staff and manual processes. This can be a huge drain on staff resources, especially at peak times. But outsourcing outgoing mail distribution can help reduce mail processing time from several hours to several clicks.

A Single Platform for Physical and Digital Communications

If managing mail in-house has become too time-intensive, inefficient and complicated for your business an outsourced mail service may be worth considering. An outsourced digital mail room can print, fold, stuff, meter and securely deliver mail to the intended recipient from the convenience of a desktop. In fact, outsourcing mail has many benefits from streamlining your mailing process to avoiding obstacles that can cause delays:

·         Gain insight into the status of mailings through customizable dashboards that any authorized member of staff can access

·         Maximize staff time by reallocating the incremental hours gained to key revenue-driving initiatives

·         Bypass staff absences due to sickness or during peak holiday times

·         Avoid equipment issues, such as printer malfunctions, that could impact your timeline

 An outgoing mail solution can help your business send a single document or a batch job in a fraction of the time versus handling it internally. Documents are simply uploaded to a cloud portal and assigned to be sent by mail or electronically according to customers’ preferences. Then the production facility takes care of the rest. Now could be the time to look at how outsourcing outgoing mail could improve your business operations