Is Your Company Enabled for Multi-Channel Customer Interactions?

Is Your Company Enabled for Multi-Channel Customer Interactions?


Choice is the cornerstone of customer service. In the past, customer communication used to be limited to the telephone and physical mail. Now, consumers increasingly choose digital channels to shop, pay bills, and connect with brands. This digital influence has carried through to business-to-business interactions as a preferred way to communicate and manage operations.


Speed Up Processes with Paperless Communication

For many businesses, electronic e-invoicing has replaced paper, providing processing speed and convenient digital records. It enables a simple way to share information across departments for more rapid approvals and can feed into connected processes whereby payments can be made electronically as well.  

For some customers, this suits the way they want to work. Companies that can support e-invoicing can save these customers time, relieve the headaches they may have chasing approvals and help support a streamlined process. 

Offer Variety of Communications Channels 

That isn’t to say that using only digital communications to interact with customers is the way to go. The optimal approach is to give customers a choice as to how they would like to be contacted based on the type of communication. This could mean e-invoicing and sending quotes via email, mailing hard-copy brochures, and following up on fulfilled orders via telephone.  

Adapting to customer communication preferences can yield more benefits than expecting them to adapt to yours. When customers can tailor their interactions, it boosts their productivity and improves their overall experience with your company.

Achieving this level of flexibility can initially be challenging when communication processes have been built up over time and have become ‘hard-wired’ into the business. Yet, making the transition can be simpler than you think. By centralizing communications through a mail outsourcing solution, you can not only manage multi-channel communications, but gain efficiency in your operations and even reduce processing errors.  

Outsource Outgoing Mail Distribution 

A scalable mail outsourcing solution is managed via a web-based portal, whereby a secure mail production facility manages the distribution of multi-channel customer communications while ensuring the rapid and secure delivery. It takes care of printing documents, stuffing envelopes, arranging postage, and crafting individual emails saving time and promoting a deeper relationship with your customers.