Improve the Security of Your Outgoing Communications

Improve the Security of Your Outgoing Communications


When mistakes happen in business communications it can be embarrassing and costly. If marketing mailers don’t reach their intended recipients or if a customer receives outdated product information, it can jeopardize a business relationship. In an industry that handles sensitive information, the wrong information going into the wrong envelope can lead to even more serious financial consequences.

Businesses that sort, collate and distribute communications manually, are relying on processes that are not only labor-intensive but prone to errors and risk opening themselves up to potential issues. Businesses need to ensure the documents they send out reach the right recipients. Implementing a digital solution can add an extra layer of protection to their data, thereby improving the security of their outgoing communications.

Accuracy and Security in Content Delivery is Key

For reasons of data privacy, protection and compliance as well as customer satisfaction, it’s important for all businesses to secure the content of their mailings. Information that is sent to the wrong person can result in a wide of range consequences for the business from missed opportunities to payment delays to greater issues such as a tarnished company image or excessive fines.  To give companies the reassurance that the right information will reach the right person, hardware can be combined with output management software, as a part of a complete document integrity solution.

Securing the Content of Documents: A Digital Solution

Output management software can add an ‘intelligent barcode’ to every mail piece. These optical marks are then read by an ‘intelligent’ folder/inserter that sorts and collates communications accordingly for each recipient, providing an audit trail and closed-loop process. Eliminating manual processes in favor of automation, can help mitigate the risk of a data breach and help ensure critical communications don’t land in the wrong hands.