Improve Inbound Package Tracking During Peak Times

Improve Inbound Package Tracking During Peak Times


With each passing year, online shopping generates more and more parcels. Accorinding to a 2018 study by Internet Retailer, US shoppers were expected to spend $120 billion with online retailers in November and December. That's a lot of parcels that may have been directed to places of work adding to already increasing mail volume. 

Take out the Guesswork with Inbound Mail Tracking Software

Delivering and tracking parcels to internal customers can be a multi-stage process that eats up mailroom time.  If a parcel gets held up or goes missing, even more time is spent trying to locate the package interfering with other mailroom responsbilities and creating a backlog. If critical mail contains sensitive information, it can also pose a security issue.

Gain Full Control with Internal Parcel Tracking

Tracking parcels manually can be inefficient and lack transparency. Inbound mail tracking software simplifies the process, seamlessly recording and tracking packages from the time they arrive on-site to the time they’re received at their destination providing proof of delivery at every stage:

  • Recording and labelling software registers scanned mail identifying recipients from an address book and sending a notification of their delivery by email
  • Handheld scanning devices scan barcodes on the mail at each stage of delivery for real-time status tracking. On delivery, recipients record their signatures on the device and notifications are sent back to the centralized system in the mailroom.
  • Parcel tracking software provides an electronic chain-of-custody with scanning history and proof of delivery.


It’s an end-to-end process that supports accountability and visibility by providing an audit trail for the tracking of parcels. At any time of year, it can help your mailroom meet demands of surging package volume.