Envelope or Email- Every Customer is Unique


If you have ever had to stuff envelopes, you know that getting the right customer and the right communication can sometimes be a challenge. Customer A wants her bill sent to her mailbox. Customer B wants to receive all his documents via email. How does a business owner manage this dichotomy?

Christopher M. O’Brien, Neopost USA’s communication and shipping solutions authority, suggests that business owners know your options. The USPS is competitive in the marketplace when it comes to tracking your mail and packages, securing your documents and options for delivery. Digital distribution and physical distribution must be married to satisfy your customers. “Business owners are changing the way people are marketing to their customers,” explains O’Brien. “They are tracking digital mail, either before or after a physical mail delivery, and it is enhancing connections. The goal is being informed about communication strategies out there that allow your physical piece of mail to be valued, along with digtial. Big or small, all customers need to know their options to improve business flow.”