Ease Your Mailing Process During the Holiday Season with a Folder Inserter

Ease Your Mailing Process During the Holiday Season with a Folder Inserter


The holiday season is an especially busy time in your print or mail preparation area. Aside from the usual mail volume, the season brings additional incoming and outgoing envelopes and parcels that need processing. To add to challenge, staff generally take vacation around the holidays increasing workload and reducing available resources.

A particularly time-consuming activity, that can jeopardize timely mail distribution, is manually fold and inserting documents into envelopes. If a staff member has to physically fold correspondence, put it into envelopes, and prepare it for postage, the end-to-end outgoing mail process can be a lengthy one. 

Save Time. Improve Accuracy.  

A folder inserter can automate outgoing mail and works considerably faster than processing mail by hand. Imagine how long it would take to manually process 1,000 pieces of mail, when a small folder inserter can complete the job in under an hour. This releases employees from the lengthy, manual, and often error-prone activity of folding, inserting, sealing, counting and metering mail and frees up time that can be reassigned to other priorities.

Adding “intelligence” to the folder/inserter adds more value to the process. Working in tandem with outgoing mail management software and intelligent barcodes, it improves mail accuracy and document security ensuring that each customer receives the correct documents.    

The Benefits are More than Three-Fold

A folder inserter is a must-have for companies who regularly process large, multi-faceted mailings. Especially at peak times, it can deliver significant benefits like:

  • Reducing Holiday Stress – A folder inserter can help take the crunch out of crunch time and provide several extra hands to make sure operations stay on track during hectic periods.
  • Improving Accuracy – Mail management software and intelligent barcoding technology add an extra pair of digital eyes to the mailing process to make sure communications are sent to the correct recipient.
  • Increasing Productivity- Utilizing a folder/inserter allows valuable resources to be reallocated to other activities that can help generate more value and growth.