Don’t Let Mail Operations Get in the Way of Growing Your Business

Don’t Let Mail Operations Get in the Way of Growing Your Business


As your business grows, daily activities become harder to manage. Outsourcing tasks, such as outgoing mail, can free up time that can be spent on serving customers and marketing to new prospects. Despite this, businesses often continue to manage outgoing mail themselves to save money. But outsourcing mail operations can add value by shortening the mailing process and helping to reduce human error. Using this solution can be an effective way to accelerate your mailing cycle while maintaining focus on your core competencies.

Reduce Manual Labor 

Outsourced mail production is an efficient and scalable way of issuing communications through both physical and digital channels that saves valuable time and improves customer satisfaction. Mailings are time-consuming and may require multiple staff members. The hours spent can add up when you consider that each item has to be created, printed, collated, folded, put into an envelope, addressed, and taken to the Post Office. All this can be simplified and streamlined through an automated solution. Documents are uploaded to a web-based portal where a production facility then routes documents via your selected delivery channel using a secure, trackable, and automated process.

Improve Cash Flow

Outsourcing is a critical time saver that can help invoices go out faster and speed up cash flow. Quite often invoices are batch-produced and sent out at the same time each month. Yet, if you could generate and issue invoices as soon as goods or services were delivered, you could receive payments much sooner.  Digital invoices provide an electronic record and are easily archived and payment times could be shorter still.

Win More New Business

Customers don’t like to be kept waiting. If an existing customer or prospect requests information such as a quote or sales brochure – the sooner they receive it, the more likely they are to consider your business. The longer they wait, the higher the chances are a competitor may capitalize on the opportunity. By outsourcing this function, you can ensure your communications will be sent out in a timely manner.

There are many reasons to consider outsourcing your mail operations, but most importantly, it can put your operations and your employees to their best use.