Digitize Document Management to Optimize Workflow

Digitize Document Management to Optimize Workflow


In order to stay competitive, businesses need to constantly evaluate different ways of maximizing operational efficiency. Those who do not look at the end-to-end view of their processes risk falling behind. Even the slightest change can have a significant positive impact on workflow. Doing things the same way rarely yields different or better results.

When it comes to multi-channel communications management implementing an automated document solution to handle a once manual process can help remove bottlenecks and streamline operations. It can help companies get paid faster and require less manual follow up. One such solution is digital document delivery where outbound mail is distributed electronically through a secure, centralized cloud-based portal.


A Quick, Easy and Secure Way to Deliver Communications 

The customizable portal reinforces the company brand, delivering a consistent and professional image every time. Customers are notified when their documents are ready to access. Customers can then view, share and action their documents. This simplifies the end-to-end process of creating, preparing and distributing communications such as sending physical mail or emailing attachments. Once the recipient has accessed their documents, your company receives a notification the right message reached the right person at the right time.

The secure portal gives full accessibility and monitoring. It helps close the loop on enterprise processes offering complete document tracking and audit trails. Digital document delivery also means reductions in print and postage costs.

Enterprises who utilize an automated document management solution along with a digital document delivery process stand to gain more than savings in cost and labor. A simple improvement to an old process can lead to a greater impact on the business including reduced lead times, greater accountability and better customer experience.