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Make the Transition to Digital at Your Own Pace

Make the Transition to Digital at Your Own Pace

More and more companies now send out digital communications. The reason why is clear – time is saved printing, addressing and mailing; postage costs are eliminated and customers receive messages faster. Not only that, but many customers now prefer to receive information digitally, such as by email .

Digital Skills Shortage Should be a Wake-up Call for SMEs

A new report has been published Monday the 19th of October, which highlights the imbalance of digital skills between different regions .

Managing Digital Marketing Processes to Avoid Unnecessary Costs

On any given day, consumers receive a constant stream of messages. Whether it’s a bank statement in the morning post, an email notifying them of a retailer’s upcoming sale, or a tweet promoting a new offer, the nature of customer communications today means marketing departments are no longer...

Digitization for SMEs: Where to Start

When it comes to digitization, start-ups have a clear advantage in that they can go digital from day one. Established businesses have to take a more evolutionary approach, generally starting with pilot schemes and departmental implementations. Evidence suggests that businesses are missing out on...

45 Seconds with a Business Software Expert

Business software addresses the needs of business users. It enables organizations to access business applications from a computer or mobile device. Examples include invoice software and document management software.

How Big Data can Create Value for Customers

Every two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003. And this is growing at an amazing rate. As we know, all business decisions are based on data analysis. And today organizations are seeking to connect as many sources of data as they can.

Small Businesses Using Apps in Record Numbers

According to this Global Intuit Study "Most small businesses around the world are using the cloud and relying on apps to run their business." This piece of interesting research looked at small businesses in the following countries: the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia and found that "64 % of...

Six Reasons to go Digital with E-signatures

For many businesses, digital processes end at the point where documents require signatures. Enabling customers and suppliers to sign documents digitally cuts costs and speeds up processes, freeing up staff to get on with the job of generating revenue and growing the business.

Still Handling Paper Receipts? Go Digital to Save Time and Cost

The problem with receipts extends beyond paper clutter and potentially lost records. Small businesses that find a better, more up-to-date way of managing expense receipts stand to save time and money. When receipts are saved digitally and stored in a searchable format, it’s easy to find and sort...


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