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The Three Secrets to a Better Customer Relationship

Three Secrets to a Better Customer Relationship

Strong customer relationships are built on thoughtful, ongoing communication . As easy as that sounds, companies with even a modest-sized customer base can risk irritating or alienating their customers if they lack the processes and technologies to carefully manage customer communications. Brands...
Unlocking your Business’ Potential for Success

Unlocking your Company's Potential for Success

Enterprises achieve success through the products and services they provide, but underpinning these are a range of operational tasks and processes. When these are inefficient, they take management time and attention away from the core business.
Why Managing Business Communications via a Single Platform is Better for Total Business Needs

Why Managing Business Communications via a Single Platform Helps Achieve Evolving Business Needs

As businesses evolve from the start-up phase, supporting the overall needs of the organization requires a revaluation – and perhaps a complete refresh – of internal processes.
How to Keep Your Operating Costs Down

How to Keep Your Operating Costs Down

Managing operating costs is an integral aspect of running a business . The higher they are, the smaller the margin on each generated sale. This limits the amount of cash available to invest in business-growing activities. While some expenditures such as overhead will be fixed and difficult to...

The DO’s and DON’Ts when Dealing with Increasing Outgoing Communications

As businesses grow, they are faced with managing large volumes of outgoing communications . Indeed, not only do they have to manage documents from different sources , but they also need to send them via numerous channels . This can be difficult to oversee effectively, particularly for businesses...

How to Cope with Customer Communications Across Multiple Channels

Today’s businesses not only have to deal with an increasing flow of information , they also have to manage it via multiple channels and in multiple formats. However, businesses that cannot handle this effectively can end up wasting time and money on menial tasks. From repetitive data entry across...

6 Ways to Ensure the Right Documents go to the Right Customer

There are six key phases involved in putting a document integrity system into place for a folding and inserting machine. This process ensures that a document cannot leave a section of the folder inserter until it has been correctly processed (e.g. an insert added). This is an example of Integrated...

How to Make Mobile Communications Work

Technology is only one component in making mobile communications work: strategy is equally as important. Without having a strategy and the organizational empowerment in place to make changes, implementing a Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform will almost certainly fail. For...

Relieving the Headache of Outgoing Mail Management

Despite routinely outsourcing many non-core business activities, small businesses tend to manage their outgoing mail themselves. As businesses grow, the demands on communications increase with regular and ad-hoc mailings ranging from estimates and invoices to reminders and marketing materials; not...

Do Customers’ Preferred Channels of Communication Matter?

Effective communication is a challenge for all businesses, and while every customer wants communication to be convenient, this doesn’t necessarily mean digital all the way. If businesses don’t optimize their multi-channel communications they can end up spending more time than they should on...


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