Can you keep up with your company’s growing mail volume?

Can you keep up with your company’s growing mail volume?


Growing companies have to scale their mailing operations to meet increasing demand. More orders means an increase in many types of output. When this occurs companies should consider reevaluating their mailing processes to avoid potential delays and backlogs.

Manual Processes Restrict Growth

During the early stages of growth, many smaller organizations follow the same processes as when they first started out. Unfortunately, if these are manual, they can’t be scaled effectively. The increasing output may be too much for one person or the existing staff to take on and may require additional resources. Companies find their staff bogged down with repetitive manual processes struggling to keep up with important mailings while other critical tasks they used to manage get deprioritized.

Delayed Communications Can Impact Further Expansion

How quickly and effectively a company can communicate with its stakeholders – including customers, suppliers and partners – is a key component of growth. If an organization takes too long to distribute invoices, it creates a delay in cash flow as well as the investment in growth opportunities. If customers aren’t sent timely correspondence after they’ve made an inquiry, they may become dissatisfied and look to competitors. If suppliers aren’t sent order forms, it may result in out-of-stocks which affect sales. The cadence of outgoing communications needs to remain constant in order to ensure smooth business operations. Otherwise, an inevitable backlog can arise when managing distribution manually.

Reduce Output Management from Hours to a Few Clicks

Businesses that adopt a cloud-based solution to help to batch process communications stay ahead of the game. With this simple solution, even a single employee can handle the increasing demand of sending more mail. Items are uploaded to a single dashboard and the batches are passed on to a providers’ facility where they are processed and distributed. Whether being sent via digital or physical channels, the process is completely outsourced and businesses have the assurance that items will always reach recipients in a timely manner. This frees up of resources that can be reallocated to other tasks that focus on serving customers and growing the business.