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Why Managing Business Communications via a Single Platform is Better for Total Business Needs

Why Managing Business Communications via a Single Platform Helps Achieve Evolving Business Needs

As businesses evolve from the start-up phase, supporting the overall needs of the organization requires a revaluation – and perhaps a complete refresh – of internal processes.

Digital Skills Shortage Should be a Wake-up Call for SMEs

A new report has been published Monday the 19th of October, which highlights the imbalance of digital skills between different regions .

BYOD: The Challenges You Aren’t Aware Of

Bring your own device, or BYOD, is giving many businesses a lot to think about. It’s widely touted as a way to increase flexibility, improve employee performance and boost customer engagement – factors that sound very appealing to smaller businesses. However, not all BYOD deployments deliver on...

How SMEs Can Grow Their Business

There are a lot of challenges that can inhibit a SME’s success; obvious ones, such as gaining new customers , managing increasing costs , or securing repeat business . As well as more unusual ones, such as aining access to the skill pool, having the required experience and understanding to elevate...

Want to Enhance Your Performance? There’s an App for That!

Whether you’re a multinational corporation with 500+ employees or a SME with fewer than 10, the efficiency and accuracy of your business processes can impact everything you do , from customer satisfaction and brand reputation, to revenue and profit.

Managing Digital Marketing Processes to Avoid Unnecessary Costs

On any given day, consumers receive a constant stream of messages. Whether it’s a bank statement in the morning post, an email notifying them of a retailer’s upcoming sale, or a tweet promoting a new offer, the nature of customer communications today means marketing departments are no longer...

45 Seconds with a Business Software Expert

Business software addresses the needs of business users. It enables organizations to access business applications from a computer or mobile device. Examples include invoice software and document management software.

Automate Financial Management and Focus on Customers

Customer service levels can suffer when small businesses are forced by manual processes to spend too much time on operational activities including financial management. Automating routine tasks such as book keeping and inventory management frees up staff time to focus on the core business and...

Where Accounting Software Reaches its Limits

Companies that turn to software to better manage business functions often start with finance. While this enhances accounting, it won’t improve end-to-end processes to drive business growth and deliver great customer service.

Digitizing Customer and Supplier Invoices: the Advantages

Some customers and suppliers want to receive invoices by email, some by postal mail. In both cases small businesses that digitize invoice distribution can save time and money, and improve customer experience by ensuring that they are always contacted on their terms.


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