Best Practices for Inbound Package Management at Universities

Best Practices for Inbound Package Management at Universities


It’s hard to believe that most students enrolling in college this fall were born around the time that Amazon was just starting to turn a profit. Since the early 2000s, ecommerce has revolutionized how we purchase goods; offering the selection and convenience of buying online and delivering items straight to our front door. 


Buying Online is Second Nature for Today's Student

Today, college students, who grew up around this level of convenience, think nothing of ordering something online when they want or need it; from essentials like textbooks and tablets to items for their dorm room designating their school as the pickup location. With so many students sending more packages and parcels to university campuses it places a heavier burden on mailroom staff and increases the risk of parcels being lost, stolen or misdirected.

Two of the most effective ways to alleviate concerns with package security and management are inbound mail tracking systems and intelligent lockers.


Electronic Tracking - From Drop Off to Delivery

Inbound internal parcel tracking solutions can provide full visibility to an inbound package’s journey from drop off to delivery. Recording and labelling software, handheld scanners, and web tracking reporting systems allow mail recipients and administrative staff to log and track inbound parcels in real time through an electronic chain of custody. Once a package is received and scanned at the campus mailroom, a notification is sent to the student to pick up the package. If a student calls about a package they are expecting, that has been scanned into the system, mailroom staff can call up the electronic record of receipt at a moment’s notice.

Intelligent parcel lockers are typically installed in a central location allowing students the ability to pick up packages at their convenience 24/7. Once a package has been assigned to a parcel locker the student is automatically notified that their packages has arrived. To collect their package the student enters a unique passcode at the locker kiosk.

Both solutions have robust analytics to provide mailroom management valuable insights into their campus mailroom operations. Individually or combined, these solutions can reduce complaints and inquiries about delayed parcels that can drain mailroom productivity and help reclaim countless labor hours that can be allocated to other responsibilities.