A Simpler Way to Send Business Communications

A Simpler Way to Send Business Communications


As businesses grow, demands on the mailroom increase with a rise in outgoing mail volume. Processing mail can be a huge drain on resources as staff print documents, stuff envelopes, address mail and take it to the Post Office. 

As if the investment of time and labor to process printed mail isn’t enough, email communications also takes time to distribute. In some cases there are split mailings when some communications are mailed and others are emailed. Each time these activities are handled manually someone has to create the mailings, apply postage or email addresses and send them. It’s the same time commitment each month – it doesn’t change because the activity has been performed before. Automating the process can help streamline the process from both a time and cost perspective.

The Importance of Accurate, Timely Communications

It’s important to get mail out on time, in the right way to the right customers to maintain cash flow and grow the business. Quotes and marketing mailers help generate orders while rapid invoicing helps bring money back into the business sooner. Unfortunately, problems can occur at various stages of the process. Printers can malfunction or run out of supplies; the number of available staff with the right skills might be down during peak holiday times. These issues could result in mail not being sent or going out late, and this can have an impact on receiving orders, serving customers, and taking payments. One way to resolve such issues is to consider an outsourcing solution that simplifies outgoing mail management. Mail is printed, sorted, placed into envelopes, metered and delivered to the Post Office from the convenience of a desktop computer.

One Platform to Manage all Communications

Documents uploaded to a cloud portal can be assigned to be sent by physical mail or electronically, according to customer preference. It’s an effective way to save time and increase productivity by diverting efforts away from mailing activities and into serving customers and generating revenue. Documents going to the same customer can be grouped into one mailer reducing postage spend. This delivers a better customer experience, as does meeting their preferences regarding how they wish to be contacted. If outgoing mail management in your business has become too cumbersome, time-intensive and inefficient, it could be time to explore how a digital solution with outsourced printing and posting could simplify and speed up this essential business activity.