6 Ways to Ensure the Right Documents go to the Right Customer


There are six key phases involved in putting a document integrity system into place for a folding and inserting machine. This process ensures that a document cannot leave a section of the folder inserter until it has been correctly processed (e.g. an insert added). This is an example of Integrated Integrity. Statistics are available per job (i.e. job name, quantity processed, date etc.). These statistics can be viewed on screen and manually noted as required. 

  1. As documents feed into the folder inserter system a Unique ID in the coded label on the documents is read and recorded by the folder inserter.
  2. Multiple pages for each recipient are assembled before being sent through the folder inserter.
  3. Each set of documents is then recorded at each and every step as the documents move through the system. This means you always know exactly where each and every set of documents is at all times.
  4. Recording continues into the envelope. If the process is stopped and the set of documents is removed, this event is recorded and we still know exactly where each item is at all times. The set removed will show up in the data.
  5. The folder inserter (which is connected to a postage meter) can communicate which set it is processing to the postage meter and the right postage or address is applied to the envelope.
  6. All the completed envelopes are then stacked on the conveyor ready to go.