5 Reasons Why Intelligent Document Management is a Must

5 Reasons Why Intelligent Document Management is a Must


While the shift to digital or electronic communication is becoming commonplace, certain industries, such as healthcare, legal and financial services still require paper documents to be printed and mailed and rely on a manual distribution process.  In many cases, these documents are filled with confidential information. If these documents do not reach their intended recipient, costly mistakes can result that could jeopardize a business in many ways.

A Smarter Way to Manage Mail 

When document management is manual, with documents printed, collated and put into envelopes by hand, it opens up an opportunity for human error. Mail could go out with pages missing or worse – sensitive information could end up in the wrong envelope and be sent to the wrong person.

There is a range of tools and equipment that can help. Some use a centralized portal for outbound mail management. Others, such as folder inserters, can speed up and improve outbound mail preparation. An optimal solution bundles software and hardware to increase production time while ensuring security.

Folder inserters automate envelope stuffing which, when done by hand, can be a huge drain on time and resources. Intelligent inserters can be combined with output management software to help improve mail security. ‘Intelligence’ comes in the form of barcode reading technology. Optical marks, read by an intelligent folder inserter, help ensure each document goes in its designated envelope. In fact, it can help in five valuable ways: 

1.    Bring security and integrity to outbound mail processes by ensuring that the right documents are sent to the right recipients

2.    Save time by folding and inserting documents into envelopes more rapidly than by hand.

3.    Improve productivity by freeing up staff time that can be reallocated to more value-add activities.

4.    Reduce stock and materials by combining communications for the same recipient in one envelope.

5.    Handle a wide variety of documents, switching seamlessly from one mailing type to another.

 Manual folding and inserting mail into envelopes is time-consuming and can delay mail going out on time. Simple solutions like folder inserters and output management software can speed up outgoing mail management while helping to ensure compliance and accuracy.