RFID supply chain

RFID supply chain solutions offer businesses a great way to monitor their deliveries

Logistics companies are perhaps the unsung heroes of the global economy. They help keep the wheels of international business turning. To do so, they have to call upon some very sophisticated technology such as RFID supply chain solutions.

Neopost supplies a range of parcel delivery products and services, including this kind of RFID supply chain technology. A lot of RFID solutions centre on keeping track of parcels and other goods. As such, they are used mostly by haulers, postal companies and the retail and manufacturing sectors.

Although the basic technology behind RFID has been around for many years, its use has expanded greatly in recent times. A whole inventory of associated supply chain solutions has sprung up around RFID wireless technology. We are interested in further developing this side of our business as we seek to grow our shipping and logistics activities.

RFID Solution

RFID supply chain tools can help your business to grow

There’s nothing more irritating for your clients than long delivery delays. Establishing a proper RFID supply chain will enable your company to avoid the customer dissatisfaction you risk by offering a poor delivery service.

In order to do this, you’ll need the right RFID supply chain tools. Neopost’s shipping and logistics entitiy, Neopost ID, produces just about everything you could need in the data capture/acquisition department:

  • Voice response
  • Barcodes
  • Digitization and Electronic Data Interchange
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracing products

RFID chips and tags aren’t quite in the realm of nanoscale technologies as yet, but they’re certainly small. However, there’s absolutely no doubt that the impact they could have on your business and customer satisfaction has the potential to be massive. To see what other Neopost services might be useful to your company, simply go to our ‘products and solutions’ section. And for more details of our RFID solutions, they’re just an email away.