The Easy To Use Mailing System

Pricing your mail has never been easier. Let the IS-350’s Rate Wizard give you a hand so you don’t have to be a postal expert. Whichever rate you need, the IS-350 will figure it out. You’ll enjoy hassle-free postal rate changes as they are automatically downloaded ensuring simplicity, accuracy, and compliance. Save even more time by eliminating keystrokes when you select themail class you need from the rate shortcuts menu. From single envelopes to larger packages, you’ll have the flexibility you  need to weigh and manage your mail with ease.

Convenient, Smart and Friendly Postal Machine

With its state-of-the-art technology and online services you can be sure to find the best solution to meet your demanding needs. Neopost’s IS-350 professional mailing system makes it simple to weigh, frank and send your mail because growing businesses count on innovative productivity tools to keep their offices running smoothly.

Never Out of Ink

Managing ink couldn’t be easier. The IS-350 uses a long-life cartridge optimizing ink yield and minimizing replenishment. Plus, the IS-350 will send you a Low-Ink E-Mail Alert so you can  be sure your mail keeps moving.

IS-350 testimonial
Once we turn the IS-350 postage machine on, the rollers start going, we just constantly feed one envelope after another until they pile up so high, we’ve got to shut the machine off because we can’t keep up with it.

Rick Jurzyk, Owner, Rick's Plumbing Service, Inc.




Up to 40 letters per minute


Embedded 3kg weighing platform

Dimensions du système

Length x Height x Depth 357mm x 260mm x 375mm

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