A Practical and Versatile Choice

Thanks to its optional automatic feeder and external scale, the Neopost IN-600 mail postage machine smoothly manage your peak periods, large envelopes and parcels. The automatic feeder adjusts to sort mail by size and thickness and self-aligning rollers prevent jams or misprints. Meter all your mail is so easy!

A Highly Versatile Mail Postage Machine

Companies with efficient customer communications have a competitive edge. The IN-600 Series postage machine can help, reliably and effortlessly. Durable keyboards and large screens make operating the IN-600 Series easy; automatic feeders enable fast processing of all mail types. With the IN-600 Series, you have access to a growing suite of services and apps to improve postal, parcel and related digital communications.

Give the right impression

Enhance the look of your mail piece with a printed slogan. By adding a company logo, or a QR code, you can communicate and promote your business to your customers.



Up to 75 letters per minute


Length x Height x Depth: 838 x 381 x 305 mm

Eco Label Illustration

The IN-600 Series is an Eco Label Product

The IN-600 has achieved a lot in terms of reducing environmental impact and this is confirmed by Neopost’s Eco-Label. The postage machine is compliant with environmental regulations. We develop our postage equipement while ensuring a minimum of 75% recyclability rate.

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